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We understand that building a business requires more than just purchasing a website and sending traffic to it. We also understand that we don’t have to sell you anything you don’t need in order to find a way to establish a mutually beneficial relationship.

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Establishing strong search engine rankings, ultimately, depends upon whether your website is relevant to the needs of your target audience. While there are basic SEO rules to be followed (so that the search engines know your that your site is relevant) we do not advocate using short-cut “black hat” methods. Instead, we take a long-term approach, based upon progressively making your website better… and, thereby, more worthy of its top rankings. Sometimes, results are seen within a matter of weeks. We can’t know exactly when your website will outrank your competition; but by following tried and true fundamentals, we believe it will!

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Dr. Pat Jarrett

I thought the way we had always done business had been working well enough. I had thought ‘if it’s not broke, don’t try to fix it.’ After all, we never had any troubles gaining referrals from our happy customers. We were doing pretty well, but were stunned how much business increased after bPUBLIC rebuilt our website and implemented an SEO and Social Media Strategy for our clinic. We’ve never been stronger… we dominate the rankings in our city!

Dr. Pat Jarrett Veterinarian / Parker County Animal Clinic

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