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Our Paid Plans Include Everything You See Below.

Free Site Migration

Once you sign-up, simply provide us with the necessary information and we will transfer your site for you. No hassles.

No Contracts

We don’t require contracts. We strive to earn your business each and every month. We even make it easy to leave by providing a full backup, if you ask.

Managed Updates

We keep your website protect without you needing to consider it. Whenever WordPress issues a security update, we examine it, and then proactively apply it to your site.

Daily Backups

We back up your website’s files and databases every day. If there is an issue, we can recover your site with a few simple clicks.

Malware Protection

Prevent nightmares. Never again wake up to your site having been hacked. We constantly scan for and repair any hacking attempts on your site. If it does get hacked, we’ll fix it for free.


Has your website been hacked or compromised? On a daily basis, we update our systems to ensure that even the newest attacks are immediately blocked.


With SuperCache technology, we handle caching for you, including page-caching, database caching and object-caching. All integrated and managed care by bPUBLIC PRO.

No Caching Plugins

Your site speed will go to new heights with our multi-server clusters, wicked-fast equipment with in-RAM caching, and a content delivery network.

International Data Centers

Want your website organized in the UK or in Japan, along with the United States? No problem. We select 3 information facilities to best serve your local or international audience.

Dedicated Environment

Large websites require extra breathing space, especially during unexpected traffic bursts. We offer a committed hardware quota so you’ll have the resources you need.

CDN Ready

We have partnered with a powerful Content Delivery Network to guarantee your website lightning-fast speeds, regardless of where your visitor resides.

Safe & Fast Hardware

Our aim is to utilize top-shelf equipment and hardware to host your business website. Too much is at stake to rely on cheap servers.

Enterprise Architecture

Every bPUBLIC PRO client benefits from a stable, secure, performance-optimized architecture, specifically designed for WordPress.

Unlimited Data Transfer

We offer unlimited data transfers so that you won’t get penalized once we make your website successful.

Wordpress Video User Manual

Our Paid Plans Include SEOPressor.

Smarter Business Marketing Through SEO AutomationSEOPressor On-Page Optimization SEO

Only Available With Our Paid Monthly Plans.

On Page SEOOn-Page SEO & Multiple Keyword Analysis

Real-time evaluation and recommendations to improve site content for SEO. It’s essentially as though you’re having an SEO Expert right beside you and suggesting on ways to improve your site’s on-page SEO.


  • Possesses Secret Algorithm Correlating With Google
  • Provides One-Glance Fast & Easy SEO Management
  • Intelligently Gives Suggestions On What To Tweak
  • Drives Red-Hot Organic Traffic To Your Website
  • Runs super fast – doesn’t slow down your WordPress site like other plugins

check for over optimizationOver-Optimization Check

Tells you if you’re optimized or over-optimized (from the score)
Have no fear as the same SEO Expert is now able to tell you if you’re over-optimized and you would easily adjust individual components to put yourself back at an optimal score.
Pages with higher scores have been proven to rank better on search engines, resulting in better ability to attract organic traffic.
Just as when you’re not sufficiently optimized, your score turns red when you’re also over-optimized
Format your post by dropping unnecessary bolding, italicizing or underlining.Your overall score should fall within the green zone between 85% to 100%.

rich-snippet-2Rich Snippet Powered

Your posts will contain additional lines of useful and credible information shown on SERPs. The extra information type is customizable, depending on the type of post you decide to publish. This allows visitors to determine how relevant and reputable your site is at a glance. Rich snippets allows your posts to harness the type of message you want to deliver and makes it easier to connect and engage with your audience.
With this, visitors are able to recognize quality content from your sites.
The presence of the stars in the search listing will tend to draw the human eye.
Click-through rates will increase because most people would click to see why a post is so highly rated.
When searching for the reviews, user are able to quickly identify the sites which are more reputable and relevant to them

LSI AnalysisLSI Recommendations

Relates keywords together by extracting information from texts and associating them using semantic algorithms. This allows users to target up to 3 keywords and for each keyword, a recommended set of LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords would be given to you to use for better on-page SEO. These are the LSI keywords that Matt Cutts confirmed Google is tracking and taking into account for search.
LSI is used to assist in retrieving and delivering accurate information from a very large data base (Google)
This helps to develop themed sites on a broad scale rather than centering around one keyword when implementing LSI.
Using various types of keyword with similar meanings make it easier for search engines to determine the niche/theme of your site’s content.
The biggest benefit is the increase in traffic you can experience from employing this technique.
LSI also creates opportunities to reach wider audiences as when an audience might not be interested in the content of your primary keyword, they might be intrigued by the other synonymous keyword.

social-seo-2Social SEO

Helps to link more data together so Google is able to see more relevance of content in your site and ranks you higher on SERPs. Open Graph basically links every person and item that is related to the user and Twitter-card is a microformat which is able to publish the user’s contact details.
Open Graph tags allow to specify how Facebook interprets your page and account for the amount of shares your content receives.
This also affects the quality of your Facebook shares from an SEO perspective, allowing Google to rank you higher for data content that “makes sense” to it.
Twitter cards make it possible for you to attach media experiences to Tweets that link to your content.
Simply add a few lines of HTML to your webpages, and users who Tweet links to your content will have a “card” added to the Tweet that’s visible to all of their followers.
Twitter cards can give you control of how your content is displayed with Tweets, drive traffic to your site and increase your number of followers.

Inner LinkingAutomatic Smart Linking

All the keywords on your site will be better-linked in terms of relevance and site navigation. All these is done by specifying only once which keyword should be linked to which URL.
This is a very convenient tool for helping the client to include both internal and external links for specific keywords in a website.
All you have to do is identify which link is suitable for a specific keyword that will appear often in your post.
You save time and effort without having to constantly and individually link each keyword each time you write a new post.
Bounce rates are severely reduced as site navigation and linking infrastructure are greatly enhanced.


Because People Are Local, You Need Local Boost.

Only Available With Our Local Boost & Local SEO Plans.

Real-Time Updates

When your business information is update by us, it immediately syncs across our partner network of highly trafficked website directories & portals.

Dual Sync

Proprietary API integrations with publisher databases let bPUBLIC sync geodata and content from the a Cloud database and monitor listing statuses in real time

Listings Match

We scan, locate, and claim existing listings for your location(s) on every publisher directory, giving you complete control of content and updates.

INCLUDED with LOCAL SEO PLAN: Weekly Blog Posts Written for Your Website

By providing the search engines content that is relevant to your intended audience, you are providing further proof that your website is alive and growing. Adding new content to your website, on a regular basis, is one of the best things you can do for your business. Not only are you providing fresh new content that satisfies your prospect’s need for more information, you are letting the search engines know that your website is a source for this kind of information. Normally, you would have to spend hours writing this content yourself. With bPUBLIC PRO, we take care of all that for you!

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